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2022 Winners

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the 2022 World Chelsea Bun Awards are...

38 Annabelle Ewan Age 10 - Under 18.jpeg

Under 18

WINNER - Annabelle Ewan, aged 10

Cherry & Almond Chelsea Flower Chelsea Buns 


Annabelle says..."I made my Chelsea buns into the shape of a flower as flowers always make me happy and I thought it would make the children in hospital smile if they saw them. I made Chelsea buns with maraschino cherries, sultanas, almonds and marzipan. I glazed them with a cherry glaze and lemon and cherry icing."


Jane Asher says... "I can’t resist this: a stunningly beautiful presentation of these delicious-sounding buns. Annabelle is clearly a very talented baker, and the addition of cherry and almond to the classic ingredients is reflected in the pretty pink and white of the decoration. They look to be well baked – nicely risen with a slightly crunchy finish on top - and I also appreciate her thinking of the children in hospital that we support." 

The judges loved all the entries in this category. They gave extra special mentions to Rhea Mehta who was a close runner up, Katie Lovass for her thoughtful heart-shaped Ukrainian flag coloured buns and Thomas for his lovely looking first bun-making effort and would like to congratulate all entrants on such impressive cooking skills and beautiful, creative looking Chelsea Buns. Further comments can be found in the Gallery.

39 Joanna Chin - Adult.png


WINNER - Joanna Chin

Fit for a Queen - A Chelsea Jubilation

Joanna says... "Made to a traditional Chelsea Bun recipe, my entry is adorned with edible flowers and silver leaf to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Full of plump golden raisins and mixed spices from the Commonwealth, this summery take on this British classic tastes as good as it looks! "



...and special mentions go to:

- Next Level Chelsea Buns by @Lizzie_rose1230. 

Jane Asher says... "Sometimes you just want a Chelsea Bun to be simple, beautiful and unbearably tempting." 

- Sticky Spiced Orange Chelsea Buns by Laurice from California.

Lady Sophie says... "I was especially impressed with the homemade candied orange peel."

- Stefano the Baker and An American in Chelsea Buns.

6 the coles bakery - professional.png


WINNER - The Coles Bakery - Newport, Wales

Sugar Topped Chelsea Buns 


Jane Asher says..."I really like this picture: what a clever idea to show us just how these perfect buns are made. It looks reassuringly to be pretty much the same as we’d do at home but in an amazingly long roll of currant-packed dough! The finished result is stunning – very classic and sprinkled with a generous amount of sugar. Love them."


...and a special mention goes to:

Ronnies Country Bakery and Mamaloco. Lady Sophie says..."Both fulsome gorgeous offerings."

5 the corner plot - Adult or Prof.png

Bonus Prize

WINNER - Sophie Rushton-Smith 

Easter Cinnamon & Sultana Chelsea Buns - birthchild of the hot cross bun and cinnamon swirl.


Sophie give us the full list of ingredients and the method she used to make her Chelsea Buns. This can be seen on her Instagram page @thecornerplot


39 Joanna Chin - Adult.png

Overall Supreme Champion of The World Chelsea Bun Awards 2022

WINNER - Joanna Chin

Fit for a Queen - A Chelsea Jubilation 


John Shepherd, Owner and Managing Director of Partridges says... “It certainly looks fit for a Queen, in fact, I think we should send one of these to her Majesty!"


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