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2019 Winners

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the 2019 World Chelsea Bun Awards are...

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 12.39.59.png

Junior Baker

WINNER - The Rodriguez Brothers

Chelsea Bun Garden

Business & Professionals

WINNER - Mika Mohite 

Pear and Date with Carmel Glaze and

a Macadamia Crunch

Young Bake-Off Wannabe

WINNER - Debora Ferri

Triple Raisin and Orange Chelsea Buns

Over 65's

WINNER - Jo Wormell

Great Grandma's Best Buns

Have-A-Go Grown-Ups

WINNER - Alexandra Barkshire

Apple Chelsea Buns

Alexandra Barkshire's Winning Chelsea Buns_edited_edited.png

Have-A-Go Grown-Ups
& Overall Supreme Champion of
The World Chelsea Bun Awards 2019

WINNER - Alexandra Barkshire

Apple Chelsea Buns


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